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The board examination for those who want to pursue a professional license as a master plumber in the Philippines is fast approaching. The first master plumber board exams were held last February 16 and 17, 2022. This time, the second examination for a master plumber will be held on July 16 and 17, 2022.

Padilla Review Center is a good master plumber review center for those who want to pursue and take the upcoming master plumber examination in July 2022. 

Why Choose Padilla Review Center? 

Choosing Padilla Review Center as a master plumber review center is a good move. Engr. Perfecto Padilla Jr., the founder of this review center, aims to help students equip and create an excellent environment to review, ace the board examinations, and encourage one another. We instill a firm foundation of integrity, excellence, and fear of God. Padilla Review Center offers Civil Engineering, LET Review, Calculator tricks, CE software, and especially Master Plumber Review. Engr. Perfecto Padilla Jr. is a professional engineer who already produced 18 Top 1 placers and 232 topnotchers. We have 80% of the above passing rate. 10 branches nationwide. And provides more than 27 years of excellent service. 

  • Online Ready!

Ever since the pandemic wave hit the whole world, Padilla Review Center is unstoppable to transit from traditional learning to online learning. An online review center is a good option to bridge students and online reviewing for a master plumber and other board examinations despite the surge of COVID-19. The review center has a YouTube channel named Padilla Review Center Online TV. Check it out here.

  • High Quality of Education

Padilla Review Center has several great instructors and mentors for students to help them to review, to relearn, to master, and to intensively learn their lessons for the upcoming board examinations.

  • Warm Community

A community that encourages and helps one another is a significant factor to study effectively that leads to great and excellent outcomes. We created a warm community and space for everyone to review together with other aspiring professionals. 

  • Budget-friendly Reviewers

Engr. Perfecto Padilla himself made a book tailored for engineering and mathematics kinds of stuff. Other than that, we have merchandise such as T-shirts with motivational designs and high-quality calculators that could easily help with math problem-solving. Check it out here.

  • Outstanding Review Center

Padilla Review Center was awarded several awards as an outstanding review center in Cebu and the Philippines in 2012. Also, Engr. Padilla produced a lot of passers, 1st placers, and topnotchers for many years of service. 

Padilla Review Center will help you to achieve your dreams of becoming a licensed professional and acing the licensure exams. 

If you want to be part of the Padilla Review Center community as you prepare for the master plumber board exams, and be reminded by subscribing to our email newsletter, find it out on our website here. Achieve your dreams with Padilla Review Center. Enroll now!

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