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Why do Firm Foundations play a vital role in Structure?

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Some say that the roof is an essential part of the house because it protects you from rain and sunlight. However, it is not just the most necessary structure. A strong foundation is the most important component of the structure. It is important to know the benefits and importance of the foundation. Also, as to how to measure and ensure the quality of the building’s foundation. The civil engineering classes always tackle this basic lesson in structural engineering. It is the responsibility of a civil engineer to measure what’s the best ideal foundation to ensure safety and durability depending on the loads (dead or live loads), and the height of the structure.  

Let’s find out the pivotal role of a strong foundation in structures. 

It’s the Pillar of the House

We need a foundation to stand up and keep sturdy. It goes the same with our homes. Foundation should be strongly attached to the ground, enough to hold your home’s structure. But before that, the civil engineers will judge the geographics of the site, soil conditions, water table, and the backfill. These factors will help to prevent damage and crack to your home. Even when the ground changes over the years, the base should be compact and settled properly so that it can hold the structure consisting of materials and loads such as they are called “dead” and “live” loads. 

Prevents Damages from Natural Forces

Change is constant. as well as the attached ground condition of the building like earthquakes, changes in soil conditions due to temperature fluctuations, changes in soil moisture levels, and alterations of water tables below the structure. The foundation’s structure quality must go against the seasonal changes and natural forces. If not, you and the household will be put at high risk. It will easily break, be damaged, or be washed away. The underlying solid or rock will be put under pressure by the building’s weight to avoid unnecessary movements.

Prevents Damages from Moistures 

One of the factors is the moisture that deteriorates the home’s structure. Knowing tropical countries such as the Philippines and etc. have this rainy or humid season. When the rainwater piles up around the house, it will soak the soil. These will weaken the foundation. Again, it is a must to invest in a sturdy foundation and proper drainage. 

The purpose of the foundation is to support the structure. The firm foundation plays a vital role in building a good home for the reason it is a pillar of the structure; prevents damages from natural forces and moistures that contribute to why the structure is deteriorating. The bottom line of this article is to invest in good quality and durable foundations to keep away from damages and accidents. 

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