Civil Engineering vs Architecture: How To Know The Difference and Its Functions

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Architects and civil engineers may have common denominators such as contributing in terms of designs, implementation of buildings, and the whole structure of the infrastructures. However, they have apparent distinctions between the two disciplines. 

Knowing the difference between architecture and civil engineering is an advantage in choosing a career in the future whether you will become an engineer or architect so that you will not get confused by the two disciplines. 

This article, if you are an incoming student or currently studying either architecture or civil engineering course, then will help you in getting to know more and explore your future career path and their contrasting traits.

What is Civil Engineering? 

Civil engineering is the oldest and broadest form of engineering. It is the foundation of all engineering specialization. Civil engineers deal with planning, constructing, and maintaining the infrastructures whether on the earth, water, or space. 

They are responsible for developing the quality of the infrastructures such as:

  • Buildings, bridges, and other structures
  • Highways
  • Dams and levees
  • Geotechnical facilities
  • Water treatment and plantation of waste disposal

Also, civil engineering has six specializations under it such:

  • Construction Engineering

The construction engineers focus on constructing, executing, and designing processes in building and maintaining the infrastructures such as bridges, buildings, dams, stadiums, airports, and highways. 

  • Structural Engineering

Structural engineering specializes in designing new structures and improving the existing infrastructures for maintenance. Also, they structure the ‘bones and muscles of the building which gives shape and form to the buildings.

  • Geotechnical Engineering

This specialization is the one that analyzes the earth’s material behavior. Geotechnical means they study the behavior of the solid under pressure and the coordination of water and soil.

  • Transportation Engineering

Basically, transportation engineering focuses on planning, designing, operating, and maintaining the safety and efficiency of transportation systems. 

  • Environmental Engineering

The environment engineering specialization concerns the people’s safety from the harmful effect of environmental hazards such as pollution. They protect and develop a safe environment such as a natural and engineered system.

  • Water Resources Engineering

The engineering of water resources examines how water flows through the earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and land. To distinguish between precipitation and abstractions (infiltrations), evaporation, and surface storage, it measures the runoff from the surface.

What is Architecture?

Architecture is a discipline where arts and science collide. Architects are focused on designing and enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the buildings. Also, they are following construction rules and safety procedures is a need for the position. They work hand-in-hand with the clients in helping them to visualize the exterior of the building whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial infrastructure. 

Architects are responsible for handling such as:

  • Determining projects costs and construction time estimation
  • Making architectural blueprints either made by hand or digitally rendered.
  • Negotiating contractors
  • Choosing contractors

Now that we know the difference between the two disciplines: Civil engineering and Architecture. We will give your the highlights of this article to remember. 

Civil engineering focuses more on the functionality of the construction plan than aesthetics which the architecture field saturated concerned.

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