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Nowadays, various software are available around cyberspace. They are made to alleviate the works of civil engineers around the globe. With their high-tech features and capabilities, they help civil engineers and other designers to design high-quality and fine-touch features with the help of the best Civil Engineering design software that would definitely make the best of your project design. 

What is Civil Engineering Software?

Civil engineering software are digital tools that civil engineers use to aid in their tasks. These softwares are made for different purposes and uses. Civil engineering software may be used for:

  • For structural analysis
  • For geotechnical works
  • For project planning
  • For designing

Here are the top 6 best civil design software in 2021

  1. Autodesk Civil 3D
  2. RISA
  3. STAAD Pro
  4. Autodesk AutoCAD
  5. Autodesk 3D Max
  6. MicroStation

1. Civil 3D

This is a design software by Autodesk that has superb features that are best for the design of your project. This software also supports BIM (Building Information Modeling) with integrated features to improve drafting, design, and construction documentation.


  • Collaboration for Civil 3D
  • Connector for ArcGIS
  • Dynamo for Civil 3D
  • Bridge design

2. RISA-3D

RISA 3D has an excellent design and analysis feature that is the best for designing buildings, bridges, tanks, culverts, and everything in between. It has features that make designing much smoother.


  • Improved Graphics and Report Printing
  • Experience the Updated User Interface in RISA-3D 
  • Capacity Limited Design in RISA-3D
  • Video: Design Buckling Restrained Braced Frames 

3. STAAD Pro

STAAD Pro Software uses various features best for comprehensive structural design and analysis. Make data sharing with your colleagues easier and faster with an integrated set of applications


  • Run designs clear graphical side-by-side comparisons on STAAD’s cloud services.
  • Design for high-seismic regions with Finite Element analysis.
  • Convert your physical model into an analytical model automatically, and make your tasks more efficient and effective.
  • You may use mobile devices to view and edit models of any size.
  • Model your projects more quickly and efficiently with more STAAD Pro design and analysis features.

4. Autodesk AutoCAD

AutoCAD is one of the needed software of Engineers, Architects, and Construction professionals with its excellent features that enables you to create precise 2D and 

3D designs.


  • Use different modeling tools to design your realistic 3D models.
  • Generate 2D drawings from your 3D designs.
  • Customize User Interface (CUI) editor allows you to modify many interface elements. 
  • Specify the security restrictions for your executable files.
  • Compare different versions of your drawing simultaneously.

5. Autodesk 3D Max

Level up your designs with Autodesk 3D Max that would help you create premium and artistic designs with its flexible controls. Create beautiful designs with fantastic design features.


  • Import enhanced data to CAD and BIM directly.
  • Enhance the imagery of your design with interactive colors and design features of the software.
  • Create high-quality visuals with its advanced tools and features.
  • Take your design to a whole new level with its fine-touch features that enables you to apply how light and shadows to your design. 
  • Best for comprehensive designs and rendering solutions for Civil Engineers, Architects, and other designers. 

6. MicroStation

Microstation is also a gamechanger for your structural design. Its 2D and 3D design features are best for your drafting and design projects. 

  • 3D parametric modeling.
  • Accelerate design workflows with this feature that enables you to integrate imagery, point clouds, and 3D reality meshes into design and construction models easily. 
  • Design faster and more efficiently with its superb tools for drafting.
  • Use real-time display styles for your model elements.

As you can read, these best civil engineering design software and various software would definitely help you create various designs and implement analytical tasks efficiently and effectively. Expect that as time pass by, these technologies could improve in their finest glory and would truly help civil engineers, other kinds of engineers, and other professionals in different fields. 


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