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8 Survival Tips for Civil Engineering Students

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Being in college is all about how to survive the chosen course. Pressure is everywhere, it’s normal for a college student to encounter this everyday. In order to cope up, you must need to have a strategy for surviving the waves of college. 

This article will help the Civil Engineering students, especially the Freshmen, on how to survive this course. This will make the student’s life somehow easy and less stressful. 

These are the 8 survival tips for civil engineering students:

1. Conduct deep research about the field.

First of all, you must have deep research on what will enter and study for the next 4 years. Civil engineering is a broad field. So you need to assess what specialization you are going to take as a career. It is important to first Ask yourself if this course is aligned to your skills? A career that you are passionate for? 

2. Build Right Networks.

“No man is an island”

This phrase is common yet so important when you enter college life. It’s nice to have people you can rely on, ask for, study with, and build goals together as a team. In college, every year gets harder. You can’t stand alone against the waves. You will graduate together plus you have lifelong friendships that you build. 

3. Study Smart, Not Study Hard.

Studying for long hours, and all out memorization of formulas is not a practical way thus a time consuming routine. Studying is not merely to study, but you need to build strategic plans to have efficient studying routines. 

You can try Pomodoro Technique for time management, Anki for flashcard reviewer for fast and efficient memorization, Notion– a software that organizes your schedules, to-do list, etc. and many more!

4. Find a Mentor. 

Having a mentor is an advantage for you. A mentor can be your family, relatives, friends, seniors and everyone that have knowledge and took a Civil Engineering course. You can rely on them by asking some questions, tips, and their experience in taking up this course. So you should ask some reliable people about this course or career

5. Keep on developing your Skills.

Practicing makes not everything perfect, however it helps to put your skills to another level. Developing your skills, especially in mathematics and physics, as early in your middle and high school days is a great advantage for you to survive in this field. But if you didn’t hone your skills as early, it is not a hindrance. Try to do mathematical problems everyday. 

6. Be Organized and Discipline Yourself. 

Organization and discipline is significant for surviving skills. Why? Because the more you organize your schedule, the more it is not cluttered and less stressful. The more you discipline yourself, the more you will succeed in your goals. It is easy to say but it is hard to do. Start it slowly and make it a habit.

7. Invest in Study Materials.

Studying is fun and efficient with proper study materials. You should invest in study material because this is an essential tool for you to survive. Acquiring more knowledge leads you to excellence.

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8. Enjoy! 

Lastly, we advise you to enjoy this journey until you graduate. Don’t stress yourself and drown yourself in studying. You have life outside academics. Have a balanced life. Yes, academics are important because it’s pivotal. But it is not good if it compromises your happiness and health.

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